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I was born and raised in Dayton, Ohio. I have been exploring all aspects of what it means to be creative. From graphic design, illustrating, photography, and video, to offset press, silkscreening, and web development, I am active in my pursuit of what it means to be an effective communicator.

I am currently residing in Eugene, Oregon, working as a senior graphic designer at AHM Brands. I work with other creatives to design and develop brands and help launch them to the next level. 

A few of my passions are learning to play the ukulele and bass, hanging out with friends and loved ones, and investing my time and talents in the ministry opportunities I am associated with.




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AHM Brands | 2017 - 

Senior Graphic Designer


AHM Brands is one of the premiere creative agencies in Oregon, working with a variety of clients locally/nationwide. From Nike, Tracktown USA, University of Oregon, to Hop Valley, Papé and dozens others, AHM Brands is known for their forward thinking marketing solutions and amazing award winning creative. My role as senior graphic designer, is to work with clients through a large variation of needs: brand development and creation, brand evolution and new discovery,  live experience creation and execution, etc. Working at AHM Brands has given me the opportunity to work through new and exciting challenges on a weekly basis––thinking through creative solutions that are some of the most challenging I have ever experienced professionally.


Statehood Media | 2016 - 2017


Creative Director

Live | Think | Explore

In early 2016, I was sought out by the owner of Statehood Media to come from Eugene to Bend to help bring the publications/company to a the next level in terms of creative direction. As the creative director I work with junior designers, photo editor, freelance photographers, copywriters, editors and sales/marketing teams to create monthly and quarterly publications centered around the theme of living, thinking and exploring Oregon, Washington and the Pacific Northwest. My day-to-day tasks are to keep the production of 1859 Oregon's Magazine (Monthly), 1889 Washington's Magazine (Bimonthly)  and OnTrak Magazine (the Amtrak Cascades train magazine—quarterly) on schedule. I assign sections of the publications to junior designers to lay out, personally lay out features and cover concepts, help assign photography freelance jobs to photographers all around the Pacific Northwest, develop digital assets and marketing materials, create products for the online stores, and assist with any marketing strategies or proposals that Statehood Media develops. It has been an amazing opportunity to work in this fast-paced publication environment. 


University of Oregon | 2012 - 2016

Division of Student Life Rebranding


Myself and four other marketing specialists were sought out by The Vice President of Student Life to work on a strategic marketing plan for rebranding the division at the University of Oregon. We spent approximately nine months surveying students, collaborating with an external marketing firm and researching the division’s current brand and arrived at what we thought was the right direction for Student Life evolutional rebranding. At the end of this process we developed a series of deliverables, including a style guide that folds into the current UO style guide, a new website design for the divisional online presence, a new engaging Vice President of Student Life (VPSL) website, a ‘how we tell our story’ guide for consistent storytelling across the division, and much more. At the end of this endeavor, we presented the concepts to the Vice Presidential Board, where everything we showed was well-received and, through a phased process, implemented.

My role within the group was to handle the visual graphic identity, leading focus groups in research studies and creating a unique core campaign for the division that could be broken down into smaller campaigns for the different respective program areas.

UO Advantage is an innovative online tool that helps University of Oregon students record, strategize, reflect on, endorse and promote their experiences beyond the classroom in preparation for next steps after college. This has been a two-year process that started from just an idea and a vision from the Vice President of Student Life. 

I was asked by both my director and the VP to join the eight-person project in late 2011 as the main creative lead. I was not asked just to create the visuals for this online tool but to help with the concept as well.

When I heard TED was coming to the University of Oregon I knew I wanted to be a part of the experience in hosting this powerful nonprofit devoted to spreading ideas to change the world. I sought out the project lead Lauren Miller and asked if I could serve on the committee in any capacity. I was honored when she tasked me to develop the creative identity for their hosting of TEDx.

The TEDx brand is completely iconic with a modern minimalistic design and simple but bold color palette. Working within the brand has its limitations due to the strict adherence the to branding guidelines, but where you do get to stand out is through the promotional materials that are specific to your TEDx hosted event. The heart of TEDx is centered around the idea of community, so when sitting down and developing the visuals I thought how amazing would it be to highlight just a few of the things that make Eugene Oregon, Eugene Oregon. I began to think of all the things I love about this town: The UO campus, the Willamette river and fly fishing, the excitement of waking up on Saturday mornings in the summer, and going to the Saturday Market or taking in a jazz concert at the beautiful Schuster Center!

This visuals below are just a few ways in how my designs were implemented for both the marketing of the event and the day-of experience.


The Career Center at the University of Oregon has such amazing strength in providing a lot of resources, services, and events that were being underutilized by students, faculty, staff, and employers. A large reason for this was the lack of proper marketing to clarify the stories they wanted to share to their respected respective audiences.

My approach in developing their brand and presences at the UO started with examining all the current marketing channels they were utilizing. After examination and implementing measured analytics, I turning inward and examined the staff. I met with all of the professionals and listened to what their ideas of what they felt was working, not working, and what could change. After taking the temperature and getting a state of the union of the center, I reached out to other divisional departments and inquired about marketing tactics, brands, etc.

At this point, I was a year into the job and felt like I understood enough of the bigger picture to begin implementing changes that would ultimately help shape the brand.

As of this year I have been able to create and develop an online marketing resource and branding guide for the center that folds into both the institutional and divisional standards.

Below are a few pieces of marketing materials that I have been able to create and implement. Today, the Career Center is getting significantly more foot and web traffic then when I first was hired on and the brand of the Center is one that is being noticed all across campus.

More examples of work.

Worthy Brewing

Hopservatory Branding identity 


Novel T's - T-shirt concept to promote learning with youths 

Bluebaugh Wedding - Adobe Illustrator 


Ignite Magazine - Graphic Design, Editor, Writer, Photographer 

Parsot Wedding - Adobe Illustrator 


Bill Murray - Adobe Draw


Crow Car Show - Adobe Illustrator 

Bob Dylan - Adobe Draw

Thompson Wedding - Adobe Photoshop 

Narwhal - Sketch and Adobe Photoshop 


New Hope Christian College Promotional Video - After Effects, Final Cut Pro


Sweet Cheeks Winery Rebranding

Cafe Roma 

Fuel Conference 

Mentoring Leaders - New Hope Oahu 

Old Mill Design - Adobe Illustrator


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